Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Sea of Life

Into each of our lives the storm must come, but for each drop of rain within the storm, an opportunity is given for our spirits to take root and sprout in the soil called life. The heavier the rain, the deeper the roots are anchored, the deeper the anchor the stronger the growth, and it is from that growth that a more empowering life is sprouted.

If you are in a storm I encourage you to keep moving. Maybe you are only able to take baby steps at the moment, but take the baby steps. The term going through the storm means we must keep moving, and one day you will look back and see how far those baby steps have taken you. One day you will step out of your storm and the sun will welcome you.

Life is so very precious even with its storms, and with that said I share with you the reading below entitled The Sea of Life.

Wishing you much joy,

AW Beauchamp

Sea of Life

Thou asked of God his sea to sail,
My warning to thee, of her tragedies
Her beauty of eye I give to thee
Her vision of faith life teaches free

The colors of her water so turquoise blue
Reaches farther than thy eyes shall ever view
Her beauty lies not only in the peace of her calm,
Her beauty also lies in her mighty roar within the storm
The harshness of the waters of my sea
Can be dark and cold in life’s reality

I gave to thee a memory to keep, of her beauty,
Her calm and her tranquility
But She is a sea and a sea must roar,
Her waves will often toss thee
From shore to shore

When above-head waters, thou find all around
I’ll pick thee up and place thy feet on solid ground
I gave to thee my sea to sail, but my sea She will always be
I send not the tide to wash the sand from under thy feet
I send it to connect each grain and steady the soil beneath thee

Thou asked of me my sea to sail
I gave to thee a compass called understanding to guide thy mind
A bow called Word to point thy destination
A stern called wisdom to look back with hindsight and
A safety of port called faith to store thy heart

I gave to thee my sea to sail, though her roar be loud,
Her tides be high and her waves be steep
Always know, I’ll never leave thee without anchored feet

So let the salt of the tears of thy heart
Mix with that of my sea
Let the tide bring them back to me
And them too I will sail with thee

Find comfort in the memory of her beauty,
When in the still of the twilight a moon so full
Softly kissed the blue waters of her cheeks
For I gave to thee my sea to sail,
The mastery of sailing, I teach to thee
But the Master of the sea, I can only be

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