Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life is like a Beach

The story that I will share with you in my first blog is titled, “Life is Like a Beach,”  With all the tornados that have covered our nations over the past weeks I think it is appropriate.  I hope when you finish reading it you will understand the title. I wrote the story in 2006 when I was in one of my reflective stages. I find that my best work is created when I seize the moments of the zone. I urge each of you to try it; when that creative moment knock on your door invite it in and you will be amazed at what phenomenon work have been placed within you.

Life is like a Beach

In August 2004 my mother died suddenly, making me aware of how quickly and unexpectedly life can change. In October, with that knowledge at the forefront of my mind I headed for the beach, I decided to stop taking for granted what I called everyday things.

I decided that each day I would watch the sunset from beginning to end; I walked to the pier and waited until the sun started its descent over the horizon.  I saw shades of orange, red, and yellow that I am sure man cannot duplicate. Each day the experience was different, the colors were richer and the sound of the water beating against the pier was in more perfect harmony. And with the unveiling and disappearance of this masterpiece, I saw a creation from a higher power. After the sun disappeared I would remove my shoes and walk down the beach back to the condo. With each step the warmth of the sand and the coolness of the water massaged my spirit.

On one particular evening as I approached the pier, I saw that someone had stolen my spot and was looking out toward the sea, waiting in my spot for my sun to set. The peace and anticipation that I had felt walking to the beach faded.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, a dark cloud had drifted overhead and I could feel a drop of rain every now and then.  Removing my shoes and trying to savor the last of my ritual, I hurried down the beach to the condo.  Suddenly a pain vibrated through my foot, upon inspecting it I saw that I had stepped on a sharp rock and pricked my foot deeply enough to draw blood. The water that had yesterday massaged my feet now aggravated the cut and increased the pain. With disappointment, pain and a littler anger I went to my room.

That night as I tended my wound, my mother crossed my mind and I thought how life is a lot like the beach. It is filled with unexpected possibilities; sunsets so beautiful that you see God, hot sand to massage your feet and cool waters to encourage your steps. It is filled with joys that come for a short moment, yet leaving us renewed in hope for a lifetime. It is filled with waves that play a rhythm against the walls of our hearts and quiet our spirits. It is filled with uninvited guests that comes and steals our special spots and clouds that block our view of the future. And it is filled with rocks hidden within the sand, waiting to wound our physical bodies.   

Each evening I went back to the pier and after the sunset I removed my shoes and walked down the beach back to the condo. The beach had given me an invaluable gift, a gift that I now share with you, “Never give up on life because today isn’t perfect, but always keep the memories of the perfect sunset to renew your hope in life’s possibilities.” As I packed my car and drove toward home I thought, “In October next year I will sit on my pier and watch my sunset, I will walk on the beach and feel the warmth of the sand and the coolness of the water massaging my feet.” 

My beach was in Biloxi Mississippi, and the next year in August 2005 a hurricane called Katrina came and not only destroyed my special spot, but also destroyed my beach. I will always be thankful that I didn’t allow the clouds, stones or uninvited guest to keep me from my last chance to view the sunset from my spot.  Always be aware that life, like the beach, can change very quickly and unexpectedly. Cherish the people that you love. Seize the moment!

I wish you much joy,

AW Beauchamp