Sunday, June 12, 2011

Who is a Sister?

Sister Friend

She is I and I am She
She dries my tears and holds my hand when life I fear
And when in life my eyes can’t see, it is hers that sees for me

When her days are dark and she can’t see
If she stumper it is I whom will catch her fall
If her nights become long and dreary
I’ll light a candle and bring it near her

When she hurt I feel her pain
For we are two, yet one and the same

She is I and I am She
For on all earth there are no others
That is like She, nor we
For from the same seed grew this tree
And all our lives the same we will be

If I call, she always answer
It is her success that makes me strong
It is my dreams that she believe in
Our love is binding for all times

Her name is Sister, and mines is the same
For she is I and I am She
And the same we will always be.

A.W. Beauchamp