Sunday, May 29, 2011

Did you thank a Soldier this Memorial Day?

I would like to send my personal thanks and best wishes to all the soldiers and their families on this Memorial Day. Being a military family member for over 20 years I personally know the sacrifices that the soldier and their family go through. The countless moves and uprooting of children from what has become their new normal surroundings. I have stood in the lines and cried when the blue buses came to take love ones to the airport for the unknown. I have held a child’s hand and heard the echo of uncertain voices around me say, “Daddy or Mommy will be back soon.” And I have rejoiced when those blue buses came into view and brought them safely back home.

Those are only a few of the daily sacrifices that you make for us to live the lives we often take for granted. So on this Memorial Day I would like to say thank you so very much; for I know the price you pay. I pray that God bless you a thousand times for each day that you give of yourself for us. Be safe and know that you are loved and appreciated. I am forever grateful, Happy Memorial Day.