Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why, The Cappuccino Spa?

I was asked why I chose the title of my blog. I call my Blog “The Cappuccino Spa,” because cappuccino is strong and hot and a spa is cool and relaxing. As a woman, I write for the audience of women. It is the dialog and passion that makes us unique and that is what I want to communicate. I want my blog to be the caffeine rush you get from your first sip of cappuccino; hot and strong enough to open your eyes to the endless possibilities of You.  I want it to be rich enough to add value to the life you live. I want it to take you away from the madness in every day and to stimulate your passions, and to encourage you to pursue your purpose. And last but never least, I want it to make you laugh and enjoy.

Sit back and have a cup of Cappuccino on me, and if you enjoy it become a member and share it with all your friends.

·       Thought for Today:  Learn how to laugh as well as pray in bad times; just in case you are praying for the wrong thing and laughter might be all you have in life to sustain your joy.  

Wishing you much joy,
AW Beauchamp

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